The Color Run 2017

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There are so many different reasons why people choose to take part in the Color Run, but we caught up with the  Elicit Theatre Company who were running to take their show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This is what they had to say.

Sharron Spice creator of Elicit Theatre Company said:

Elicit Theater company have just participated in this years Color Run which was fantastic!!! Everyone got involved and had so much fun! Definitely recommend it to anyone it was a fabulous day and unforgettable experience.



Paulette Harris-German actress and Brent resident said:

The ‘Colour Run’ is my first ever charity run and  this will be my first trip to the Edinburgh Fringe in a play… and so definitely two ‘Bucket List’ ticks for me!

The run was such a great cast bonding exercise.  The atmosphere was incredible  and  the comradeship of all the various runners from so many walks of life was heartening. The colour run team and all of the various stands, as well as the stage show all became the cherry ontop of an awesome event!

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