5 reasons you should come on a botanical tour of Wembley Park this National Park City Week

National Park City Week A Botanical Tour of Wembley Park

As part of the Mayor of London’s National Park City week, Wembley Park is celebrating our rich green heritage with a series of FREE exciting public tours.

Inspired by a greener and healthier London, around one quarter of Wembley Park’s regeneration project will be public open space for everyone to enjoy. To give you a little insight into the past, present and future of Wembley Park’s greenery, we will be hosting three botantical tours. From our leafy origins as Wemba Lea to the flourishing rooftop gardens and terraces, you’ll discover where the once concrete landscape is heading, and what plans are in store of the future.

As a Trustee of the National Park City Foundation and Head of Masterplanning and Design at Wembley Park, Julian Tollast will be guiding you through the leafy journey of Wembley Park.

To give you a little insight into what we have in store for you, we’ve compiled our top five reasons why you should join us on a botanical tour of Wembley Park.

1. A visit to the Avenue of Champions

Aka the incredible 36 newly planted trees along Olympic Way. Each tree hails from different temperate zone across the world, representing them all, creating what we call the Avenue of Champions. Take a tour amongst the greenery and discover the background behind each of them. We even have some fantastic art pieces representing our trees and our dedication to an environment with Wembley Park. The Botanical Bollards are 13 unique, hand-illustrated designs inspired by the 36 trees on the iconic walkway.

2. Exclusive access to Tipi’s rooftop gardens

As developers, we understand the importance and significance of creating an environment for people to live amongst. We believe it is a vital part of creating schemes, so each of our life-style rental community spaces in Tipi have landscaped gardens or social rooftop spaces for residents to enjoy and unwind. As part of the tour, you will have exclusive access to these spaces to discover their benefits and beauty.

3. A visit to the Paul Daisley Gardens

Inside Brent Civic Centre lies a secluded and wonderful landscape garden. Namesake of Brent MP, Paul Daisley, the quiet gardens offer a tranquil escape. As part of the National Park City week tour, you’ll pay a visit to the peaceful green space to admire the beautifully landscaped area.

4. A glimpse into the future

The future of Wembley Park is looking green. VERY green. And this is your chance to really see what is in store for the world-famous neighbourhood. An interactive exhibition will allow you to discover where Wembley Park’s flourishing heritage is heading, including the plans for a new 7-acre public park.

5. It’s free

Yes, that’s right. You’ll be getting exclusive glimpses into the leafy life of Wembley Park. For free. You’ll be learning what Wembley Park of the future will look like. Without spending a penny. The truly insightful 90-minute tour will be rich with detail and you’ll discover far more about the world-famous neighbourhood than you can do anywhere else. For nothing.

So please join us on this incredible and insightful journey around Wembley Park and what the green future will look like. 

Book your FREE tickets below or click here to find out more about National Park City Week at Wembley Park. 

For Wednesday 24th July at 4PM to 5.30PM 

For Sunday 28th July at 11AM to 12.30PM OR 1.30PM to 3PM

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