9 reasons why you MUST watch A Star is Born at Wembley Park

A Star Is Born Summer on Screen Wembley Park

Get the tissues ready. A Star Is Born is coming to Wembley Park.

The heart wrenching, tear-jerking, romantic musical will be screened for FREE in our outdoor cinema on Friday 5th July. Starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, the 2018 blockbuster is a guaranteed hit – and an absolute bawler.

The truly masterful movie is 120 minutes of cinema magic – and you just have to come along to see it for yourself. Why might you say? Well, we have nine reasons why!

1. Cooper took his role super, super seriously.

And it paid off. This wasn’t just any old role for Cooper. He put everything he could into making his character real and authentic. Cooper had LOADS of real life inspo to shape his character Jackson ‘Jack’ Maine. He spent six whole months with a dialect coach to make his voice mimic his co-star’s, Sam Elliot. Elliot, who plays Jackson’s older brother in the film, has the perfect ‘hybrid accent’ according to Cooper, and he wanted his character to have that Sacramento-Texan twang. Cooper hadn’t even asked Elliot to star in the film at this point! But that’s not all. He also learnt the guitar, the piano AND learnt to sing for his performance as Maine. He even spent a week with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder so he could model his onstage performance after the iconic rocker. Now THAT’s dedication.

2. And so did Gaga!

Following suit, Gaga started preparing for her role as Ally WAY before shooting started. To master her character natural look, Gaga didn’t wear make up for months. She even changed her hair to a more subtle, natural do. Hats off to you girl!

3. Shallow is a TUNE.

And maybe one of the best songs of the 21st century?? Shallow, the iconic and powerful duet Gaga and Cooper’s characters sing, was an all-round hit. It smashed the charts with the number one position for WEEKS. It won an Oscar for Best Original Song. It’s a true belter. It’s everything you could want from a song. Let’s just put that on repeat!

4. Lukas Nelson co-wrote the songs.

That’s right. No WONDER every song in that movie is a hit. Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson’s song, co-wrote a majority of the songs from the movie. He even makes a cameo as Maine’s guitarist. Cooper saw Nelson playing at a Neil Young concert and desperately wanted him to be part of the project. Good choice Cooper.

5. Gaga and Cooper met in a very familiar way.

Remember the scene when Maine first witnesses Ally performing La Vie en Rose? Well that’s actually happened. Kind of. Cooper knew he wanted Gaga to be Ally when he saw her performing La Vie en Rose at a cancer benefit. How beautiful.

6. The love story is epic.

Without giving any spoilers for people who haven’t seen it (if there is anyone that still hasn’t!) – the chemistry between the characters is overwhelmingly amazing. Gaga and Cooper’s performance really portray raw and deep love, it’s acting beyond acting, and you simply just have to witness it for yourself.

7. The dog is hella cute.

And who doesn’t love a cute dog? It’s worth watching the film for the adorable fluffy pooch alone. We aren’t joking. Fun fact, it’s actually Cooper’s real dog.

8. This is far more than JUST a cinema screening.

Yep. This wouldn’t be a showing of one of the most amazing movies of all time if we didn’t add a little extra now would it! Transporting you to the drag bar Maine first met Ally, we’ll be hosting a mini karaoke with some of London’s finest drag queens. Their show-stopping, interactive performance is the perfect pre-show warm up!

9. It’s a cinema masterpiece for FREE.

 You get all the above for absolutely NOTHING. Unrivalled acting, powerful duets and one of the most amazing dogs you’ll ever see all for FREE. Thank us later!

So if you are looking for the perfect way to kick start your weekend without spending a penny, come over to Wembley Park and enjoy A Star is Born. And we’re serious about those tissues!

If you fancy coming, let us know and register your interest below.

And whilst you’re here, why not check out our jam-packed Summer of Events programme? We’ve got HOURS and HOURS of free entertainment, mouthwatering food, unbeatable shopping and world-renowned acts. Wembley Park is THE place to be this summer. 

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