A Slumdog & Pulp Fiction extravaganza!

Remember when Slumdog Millionaire was released? Lauded and awarded, it became everyone’s favourite film overnight.

Remember watching Pulp Fiction? The surprise moments, the music?

Now you can relive the laughter and the drama of these two classics on the big screen with The Nomad Cinema, who will be bringing a spectacular cinematic event to Wembley Park on 29 and 30 September. In a first at Wembley Park, Olympic Way will be turned into a massive outdoor walk-in cinema with a large screen hung between the two pedways to Wembley Stadium.

The evenings will celebrate the unique quirks of each film in a spectacular display of cinematic, culinary and artistic excellence.

Slumdog Millionaire – 29 September 

When someone asks me a question, I tell them the answer.

Come down and tuck in to some food from Wednesday food market regulars Madame Gautier, and enjoy some tasty Indian specialist tea from Chaigarm. Enjoy the explosive Indian sounds served up by the Dhol2Dhol drumming school collective, prepare for versatile rhythms and a unique performance style, which will, no doubt, have you on your feet! Taking to the stage with these talented musicians will be Bollywood dancers, from Rakhi Sood’s school of performing arts, performing freestyle traditional Bollywood dance.

Pulp Fiction – 30 September

I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?

Come and enjoy electric street dance performance from Hypnotick Dance Crew who will dazzle and dance to bring key characters film the film to life.

Make mine a Royale with cheese: food market regulars Madame Gautier will provide burgers and shakes so you can enjoy the film properly, and there will be a bar.

Places are limited so book your tickets here now!

There’s more…

If you fancy the chance to win an amazing prize worth £500 simply download the periscope app to your smartphone and find the hidden camels. More details here.