60 seconds with Alec Briggs

With the Tour Series just around the corner, we caught up with professional cyclist Alec Briggs about cycling subculture, speedway riding and GB skin suits!


1: How did you get into cycling in the first place and how old were you when you first hopped on a bike?

Riding around the garden of the house I live in now when I was two years old, pretending to be a motorbike rider—a speedway rider to be precise.

After wearing out the garden at about eight, I went to Herne Hill Velodrome which is thankfully a ten minute cycle from me. Russell Williams got me going around the track and Bill Wright & co. got me shredding around the MTB circuit there. Basically spent my childhood there, and now I’m currently spending most of my adult life there. I’m a pretty lucky kid.



  1. What has been the highlight of your cycling career to date?

Putting on a GB skinsuit for the first time in my hotel room the night before Euro CX Champs.  Red Hook crit London is up there for sure too.


  1. What is the favourite thing about riding a bike in London?

The London cycling community is full of diversity, a huge mix of subcultures sharing the streets, with different motives, riding to get where they need to be. It’s fascinating to ride amongst it all, even just riding to work you spot some amazing builds and characters. I don’t think there is a better cycling scene than London’s, not that I’ve found anyway. Our crit/circuit summer scene is particularly great. Yet to find a better weekly crit that Crystal Palace.

  1. What is your training schedule like?

It varies, for the first time in about 8 years I’ve started training with a structure, which I actually really enjoy. I set foot in the gym for the first time ever a few months ago. I like to mix it up – rides – road, cyclocross, MTB, track racing, even the odd bit of BMX. Jumped on the fancy Wahoo Kickr this winter, even turbo has got interesting. In summer it’s easy to just ride to races, race, ride back. We’re so spoilt here.



  1. You’re a man of many talents, from Djing to modelling. Tell us more about what you get up to when you are not on a cycle?

I’m basically just really jammy, and that has me doing lots of different bits. I’ve got a few bits I want to do this year, running some coaching sessions for youngsters and women, trying to focus on skills rather than watts and all that. There’s more to racing a bike that being fit.

  1. As a Londoner, what is your first memory of Wembley Park and how has the area changed?

Growing up on Speedway in my house, Grand finals and stories of heroic sporting legends have often taken place at Wembley. My father even went and watched the London Six Day event there and said he loved it, not knowing much about cycling at the time. I hope we’ll be creating a scene for more tales to be told to future generations.

  1. What can people expect from Tekkerz at the Tour Series event in Wembley Park this year?

The aim is to have fun and put on a show, give the crowd something to cheer for. We’re a new team with some fantastic young talent and elder pedigree, mixed with some riders with big potential to shake things up. We’ll get the most out of it by leaving it all out there and NOT just playing it safe trying to get around. We’ll have some fun with wheelies in the process.

If you need help spotting us, we’ll be the riders in the colourful kit with a Dinosaur on the back.