Brent and Chill – our pick of Brent based films and actors you have to watch

Avengers Age of Ultron Films in Brent Wembley Park

Stay in and stay entertained with our list of the top Brent based films and Brent based stars you have to check out.

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Avengers – Age of Ultron

Remember that scene in the second Avengers film where the Hulk has an epic battle with Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster armour? Well, did you know that it was filmed in none other than Brent Civic Centre? Yes, all the inside scenes of the grueling fight feature the extremely recognisable backdrop of Brent Civic Centre in Wembley Park.

Friend Films in Brent Wembley Park

London, baby! Indulge yourself in Friends and keep an eye out for a special cameo from Brent itself. That’s right. The episodes of Ross’ wedding to Emily (The One with Ross’ Wedding and The One After Ross Says Rachel) are filmed in the former Fountain Studios. Could that BE anymore cool?!

The Theory Of Everything Films in Brent Wembley Park
The Theory of Everything

Another film credit for Brent Civic Centre is the Stephen Hawking biopic, The Theory of Everything. Transforming the Council Chamber into a hospital operating theatre and the Registrar’s office into the stunning rehabilitation rooms that overlook the gardens, it’s fair to say the Brent Civic Centre in Wembley Park is a movie star in the making!

The Crown Films in Brent Wembley Park
The Crown

Yep. The historical drama based on the Royal Family and the reign of Queen Elizabeth II has had a number of scenes shot around Brent. Settle in everyone. You’re in for a treat.

Riz Ahmed Films in Brent Wembley Park
Riz Ahmed

Wembley born and bred Riz Ahmed is next up on our list of Brent based people you have to check out. Starring in a plethora of films from classic independents like Four Lions and The Road to Guantánamo, to Hollywood blockbusters including Venom and Nightcrawler, Riz’s diverse acting range will keep you entertained for hours.

Laura Aikman Films in Brent Wembley Park
Laura Aikman

If you’re looking for some light hearted giggles, Brent-based Laura Aikman has you covered. The comedy queen’s The Job Lot tv series is a guaranteed side splitter – and the perfect way to break up your day.

Peaky Blinder Films in Brent Wembley Park
Cillian Murphy

Ok, so he doesn’t technically live in Brent anymore BUT Irish superstar Cillian Murphy was once a long standing resident of North West London’s Queen’s Park – so we still count it. We highly recommend getting stuck into his gangster epic Peaky Blinders. And when you finish that, make sure you check out his starring roles in WW2 drama Dunkirk or Sci-Fi blockbuster Inception.

Daniel Craig Films in Brent Wembley Park
Daniel Craig

Yes, you read that correctly. The mighty James Bond is a Brent resident! Residing in Queen’s Park, Daniel Craig’s filmography will keep you occupied for days. For an added Brent bonus – check out his crime thriller Layer Cake where former Brent resident ,Sienna Miller, stars as leading lady. Enjoy!

Dev Patel Films in Brent Wembley Park
Dev Patel

From humble beginnings as Anwar in teen drama Skins, to Oscar nominated performances in the critically acclaimed Lion, Harrow native Dev Patel is the final on our movie marathon list. Yes, we know Harrow isn’t technically Brent BUT they are loyal neighbours and we *really* wanted to talk about Dev.

And remember everyone to stay in, and stay safe! #StayHome

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