Celebrate National Fajita Day at Wembley Park

Celebrate National Fajita Day at Wembley Park

Happy National Fajita Day everyone! That’s right. The authentic Mexican dish has its very own national day (hurrah) and we want to help you celebrate it at Wembley Park.

Here’s our top pick of places to celebrate National Fajita Day in Wembley Park!

For fajitas

Las Iguanas

The home of Latin American food, Las Iguanas in London Designer Outlet is the place to go for some juicy, sizzling fajitas. Their fajita stacks comes in a chicken, steak, prawn or veggie option and is served with guacamole, grated cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, roasted tomato salsa with soft wheat tortillas. Mmmmmm.

For Mexican inspired dishes

There is more to National Fajita Day than just fajitas. It’s about celebrating fiesta of flavours. So if fajitas don’t make you sizzle, then look no further as we have an array of Latin American inspired places and dishes for you to try.

Hola Guacamole

Fusing passion and expert culinary skills, Hola Guacamole are Mexican food maestros. Serving aromatic fresh food, Hola Guacamole serves an array of super yummy Latin American dishes, including Burritos, Quesadilla’s and incredibly crunchy tacos. They’re constantly improving their recipes to make them stand out from the others. Find them in Boxpark Wembley to enjoy some real Mexican food this National Fajita Day!


Straight from the streets of Brazil, Cabana lives, breathes and serves sensational Latin American food. Whilst fajitas aren’t on their rooster, they’re spirit is obvious in Cabana’s spicy grilled food, infused with Latina passion.


This indo-mexican street food brand is new to the Wembley Park family – and just in time to help you celebrate National Fajita Day! With a passion to both heritages, Wrapchic brings Indian food into a 21st Century format, using the ‘wrap’ style of Mexican fajitas and burritos. Find them at the London Designer Outlet and grab yourself a Mexican-esque Indian curry wrap. They even have some incredible ‘wrapchos’ – warm nachos with your choice of topping!

Bombay Burrito

Another Mexican/Indian infusion restaurant to celebrate National Fajita Day is Bombay Burrito in Boxpark Wembley. Similar to Wrapchic, Bombay Burrito have taken the best of both Indian and Mexican cuisine to create their taste revolution. You can pick  from one of their signature burritos or build your own.

Mama Jacqs

Serving sensational Jamaican food in an easy-to-eat burrito format, Mama Jacqs is another incredible infusion eatery for you to celebrate this National Fajita Day. With classic Caribbean dishes like curry goat and jerk, in a wrapped up burrito format and some pretty tasty fish tacos on offer, Mama Jacqs in Boxpark Wembley is the perfect place to celebrate a little differently.

If fajitas or Mexican food isn’t your thing, then don’t worry! Wembley Park has over 50 places to grab a bite to eat – check them out here.

If you’re celebrating National Fajita Day in Wembley Park, don’t forgot to show us a snap of you and your delicious grub on Instagram at @Wembley_Park!

Happy eating.

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