9 places in Wembley Park to grab the perfect treat to cool you down

Let’s face it. There is no better way to cool off in the beautiful summer’s sun than a nice cold beverage or some super sweet frozen desserts. And as August is just around the corner (eek) and the sun is looking to make a few more appearances (finally), Wembley Park has some really delish eateries for you to grab that cool down treat as you enjoy the warm weather. 

The Man with the Ice Cream Van Ways to Cool Down at Wembley Park


If you’re lucky enough to spot Jim and his ice cream van, you have to stop and grab one. Normally outside London Designer Outlet or by Arena Square, Jim is the frozen treat connoisseur. A 99 with a flake for us!


Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. These guys live and BREATHE ice cream – and we thank them for it. Constantly introducing new and interesting flavours to their menu, the family ran business outside Boxpark Wembley is the home of delicious ice cream and sorbets. They even offer one of the widest ranges of handmade vegan ice creams too. Oh, and don’t forget those toppings. We’re serious. Don’t.

Black Sheep Coffee 

Head to Black Sheep Coffee to treat yourself to one of their incredible smoothie/milkshake hybrids. Delicious, nutritious and super refreshing, they’re a must visit if you’re in Wembley Park.


That’s right. These doughnut legends also dabble in the art of heavenly ice-cream and fruity sorbets. Their super creamy, super scrumptious frozen goods are just as good as their gourmet doughnuts – make sure you visit them in Boxpark Wembley if you’re escaping the sun and look for a sweet relief.


Freakshakes. Smoothies. Ice creams. Sundaes. EVERYTHING you can think of – they do. Treatz is one of the 20+ places to eat at London Designer Outlet and you do not want to miss this tantalising taste bud haven. They’re lush desserts and drinks are a cooling delight for a warm summers day.


Another gem in London Designer Outlet, the award-winning Shaketastic offers everything from super healthy smoothies to super indulgent milkshakes. Creating original and super funky refreshing drinks, they can create just about anything into a mouthwatering concoction. Pop up to the third floor of LDO to treat yourself to a refreshingly cool beverage.

Big Moe’s 

Fancy a more sit down atmosphere with a good vibe? Well, head to Big Moe’s in London Designer Outlet for a refreshing treat from across the pond. The all-American diner offers the most luscious desserts, guaranteed to lower your temperature and cool you off. Our personal fav – the ice cream burger. Yep. A warmed brioche bun topped with salted caramel sauce, nuts and lots of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.

Boki Coffee

If dessert isn’t your thing or your hunting for a thirst quenching delight, head to Boki Coffee outside Boxpark Wembley for your daily fix. The coffee crazed friends have created some serious ice-tastic drinks, from fresh smoothies and lemonades to cooling iced coffees. We personally cannot get enough of their iced lattes.


Another coffee hotspot outside Boxpark Wembley, Oatopia have some of the finest iced coffees the neighbourhood can offer. They’ve even got you covered for that healthy smoothie fix or yummy snack. If you take a visit, try their salted caramel frappe to cool you off.


For an authentic Taiwanese refreshing treat, Chaboba has some of the best bubble tea recipes London can offer. Their three kinds of cold tea – milk, crush and fruit – are bound to cool you down whilst treating your taste buds.

So if you’re enjoying Wembley Park and everything it has to offer, make sure you stay cool and grab a refreshing treat to keep the temperatures down.

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