EGG-cellent places to eat this World Egg Day at Wembley Park.

World Egg Day Wembley Park

No, we’re not yolking around. It’s World Egg Day.

As one of the most versatile and protein-rich products you can get, we’re super EGG-citied to be SHELL-ebrating this CRACKing day. (Ok, we’ll stop now!)

Because we love eggs (and food) just like you, we’ve got together the most EGG-cellent places for you to eat, well, eggs, this World Egg Day. 

No more egg puns, we promise!


Boxpark Wembley newbies Bun House is the first eatery to steal the spotlight on World Egg Day.  Serving up loads of fluffy boa buns, their Sweet Chill Egg Rice Pot is the real winner. Perfectly blending sweet and SERIOUSLY spicy, their Sweet Chilli Egg pot is a must try!


If there’s one thing you can expect from Wagamama it’s a good egg dish. Form boiled to fried, noodles to … tea stained, they have it all nailed. Our fav is their yummy Wagamama’s own ramen dish – chicken, pork, prawns and mussels in a rich broth with noodles and the most perfectly boiled egg. If you want an egg fixed without a full-egg dish, go for their tea-stained egg side dish. Yum.


Let’s face it. Egg can add some major flavour to even the tastiest of dishes. And that’s the exact case at Smoky Boys. Already ruling the roost when it comes to grilled food, you can make their burgers even more delicious by adding a fried egg. Yes. Everyone’s favourite combo. A fried egg topping in an already delicious burger!


All the way from a small suburb in Japan (seriously!), Yamagoya is all about perfect, authentic Japanese recipes. And with that comes the perfect eggs. Understanding the absolute taste factor egg’s add to most dishes, nearly all of Yamagoya’s main dishes are topped with a marinated boiled egg. Can we just get a bowl of them please?


If there is one meal we all love an egg, it’s for breakfast. And lucky for us, Big Moe’s Diner has an egg-filled breakfast menu you’re going to love. Eggs benedict, french toast, breakfast burgers (yup!), brekkie platters, English breakfasts all topped with eggs, eggs, eggs!


Now for something this isn’t your typical egg dish. Pizza. Yes that’s right. Pizza Express have not one but TWO pizzas that come with a free-range egg topping. The have the vegetarian friendly Fiorentina – spinach, egg, mozzarella, black olives and Gran Milano cheese. BUT they’ve recently added a new eggy-pizza – the Carbonara. Just like the well-loved pasta dish, this pizza is topped with pancetta, mozzarella and garlic oil on a béchamel base, baked with a free-range egg and topped with grated Gran Milano. Amazing.


Ok so this may be cheating *a little* but we just HAD to include a pasta dish. (It’s pasta duh!). Pasta Remoli’s Carbonara sauce made with fresh Italian egg is simply to die for. Rich, creamy and super moorish, you’ll be thanking us for including this egg-ish dish once you tried it!

But don’t forget – we have over 50 sensational eateries in Wembley Park, all serving vegan, vegetarian and meat – egg and no egg – dishes. Check them all out here! 

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