Get yourself Spring ready in Wembley Park

1. Revamp your exercise routines

Your exercise routine has probably dwindled while you could lose yourself under layers of jumpers, so now is the time to revamp it! You can join one of the following classes to help get you spring ready.

  • Muay Thai – Mondays, 7-8pm at the Yellow Pavilion
  • Bounce Dance Fit- Tuesdays, 7-8pm at the Yellow Pavilion
  • Wembley Stadium group run – Wednesdays, 7-8.10pm – meeting point outside Asics at LDO
  • Beat Boxercise – Saturdays 10:30 -11.30am at the Yellow Pavilion


2.  Sort out your wardrobe

Hide away your winter clothes, and dig out the spring ones! Find items you can layer for the colder days, and pretty spring dresses for the warmer ones… and make sure you check what still fits and get rid of anything that doesn’t. That will get you some spring spending money!

With over 50 outlets, LDO will have you prepared for the new season.


3. Find a new hobby

So there isn’t a specific dream for you; start from scratch! Start a garden, cut back on sweets, read a book a month or join a club. Find a hobby that speaks to your heart and keep it up!

There are lots of classes at the Yellow Pavilion to try and the first one is free, so why not pop down and check it out!

4. Go on a library run

Get that library card out of your wallet, and revitalize yourself with some fresh new reads! Wembley Library has a range of books for you to make the most of and enjoy.