Holi One 2015

HOLI ONE Colour Festival 2015

Wembley Park is delighted to welcome HOLI ONE on 8 August for another vibrant, colourful and fun- filled day this summer.

What can I expect? Thousands of happy people dressed in white enjoying a peaceful festival of music, dance and performance in one of the UK’s most iconic settings.

What is it all about? HOLI ONE Colour Festival takes loose inspiration from the Indian festival of ‘Holi’ with its celebration of the colour of everyday life and togetherness. The UK festival isn’t religious, it’s fun, exhilarating with music and colour.  

How? A countdown takes place every hour on the hour when people can release and throw their powder. The powder used at HOLI ONE is completely non-toxic, water soluble and environmentally friendly and only certified 100% natural HOLI ONE colour powder substance is allowed at the venue. The six colours will be available to purchase on the day and only these will be allowed into the event: Pink Bikini, Yellow Sunrise, Juicy Orange, Blue Lagoon, Green Planet and Violet Secret.

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