It’s officially time for the the Wembley Park (food) Oscar’s

Beat the Jan Blues by eating at Wembley Park

It’s the most talked about event of the year – the Wembley Park Oscar’s!

Ok, maybe not. But it is the actual Oscars this weekend and we’re super excited.

Whilst everyone is preparing for night of surprise and excitement. Dapper suits and gorgeous dresses. We’re celebrating with a pun-filled article celebrating the best of Wembley Park AND the best of the Oscars! Hurrah.

So sit tight. Prepare for all the commotion. And try not to cringe too much!

Boki Coffee Wembley Park

The Irish(coffee)men

Starting off the list is a nod to Robert De Niro and the gang, as we pick out the best coffee in Wembley Park (which you’re going to need Monday morning from staying up so late!). A firm winner in our eyes is Boki Coffee. Yes, the Boxpark Wembley residents know how to perk you up on sleepy morning with their quality coffee.

Smoky Boys Wembley Park

Once Upon a THYME…in Hollywood

For winning herbs, head to Smokey Boys for their Rosemary Salt Chips that will perk up any meal. Seriously. Not technically thyme, but still a herb. So it counts.

Pasta Remoli Red Prawns Wembley Park


And we mean it. Pasta Remoli has a seriously bomb shellfish (see what we did there) sauce that is guaranteed to become your new favourite dish. We recommend having it with spaghetti and lots of cheese. Bon appetito.

Bread Ahead Wembley Park's Christmas Foodies' Guide

DoughDough Rabbit

Celebrating our baked good newbies, next up on the winning list is Bread Ahead’s famous filled doughnuts. Sweet. Creamy. And oozing with deliciousness. Thank us later.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Ugly Dumpling

Maybe we can do it – 19.17 (minus £11.67 and you’ve got yourself a banging lunchtime deal)

We didn’t say all the puns would be good. But lucky for you, Ugly Dumpling’s lunchtime deal is! Any weekday lunchtime you can get any FIVE dumplings (yes five) and their seasonal veg noodles for a grand total of £7.50.


Florence Pu-zza

No food related Oscar article is complete without picking the best pizza in town. And, as a double whammy, the Academy Awards happen to fall on National Pizza Day this year. So we’re giving a double crowny. *Pause for dramatic affect* BOTH Pizza Express AND Zia Lucia in Boxpark Wembley have won the golden pizza slicer this year. Why not try they both. This kind of luck is rare.

Wagamama Wembley Park

Saoirse Ramen

Firstly, sorry Saoirse. Secondly, of course the winner is Wagamama. Their filling ramens have been everyone’s firm favs for many years now, and now they’re an official Oscar winners. Kind of.

Drum and Flats Wembley Park

Leonardo DiChickenburger

Gone are the days where the world gasped in fury as Leo got snubbed for yet another Oscar. Here are the times we make the Oscar nominees name into a food pun. (We’ll let you decide what the real honour is). For the best chicken burgher in North West London, Drum and Flats is an absolute no brainer. Their Buffalo and Blue Cheese Chicken Burger probably tastes as good as what finally winning that Oscar felt like, aye Leo.

Sky Bar Wembley Park

Merlot Robbie

No award ceremony is complete without a tipple or two. And the Wembley Park Oscar’s is exception. A clear winner for us is the stunning Sky Bar in Hilton London Wembley. The chilled out rood top bar offers killer views, and even better drinks!

Whilst not all made the Wembley Park 2020 Oscar, all of our 50+ eateries are winners to us. Check them all out here. 

And good luck to the actual Oscar nominees, of course.

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