Progression Session hits Wembley Park

Progression Session Wembley Park

This January, we are beyond excited to welcome part of the London dance battle scene to Wembley Park – Progression Session.

Established in 2016, Progression Session was set up to create a friendly dance battle environment. Their events are designed for both beginners and experienced dancers who are welcome in the battle scene to learn from each other within the culture. For a young dance movement, it certainly has grown from strength to strength and is well known across the UK and abroad, creating opportunities for dancers to gain knowledge from industry professionals.

We caught up with Progression Session Founder, Ollie Carmichael, on what makes them different to the dance scene in London.

What is Progression Session and how did you get involved?

Progression Session was started by myself and Lee Halls at the University of East London in my last year of university. We were both looking to create a similar event and we were surrounded by talented local students who were looking for a dance environment to showcase their moves and learn from one another. So we created Progression Session in 2016. 

What is different about Progression Session compared to other dance scenes in London?

Progression Session is different to regular battle events in the scene as we focus on inclusivity within the dance scene and the element of exchange rather than a competition. Our niche in the battle scene is that we do not have judges at our events. This eliminates the pressure that dancers feel when going to battle events and being judged. Every event we do allows dancers that would want to battle but sometimes don’t have the confidence to come to the events that happen. Progression Not Perfection is our motto.

How would you describe the dance scene in London?

The dance scene is ever growing in London and the UK. Focusing on the battle culture we are now beginning to gain status within the dance world, however as a young movement our social media presence isn’t as established as other countries such as France. But it’s certainly a goal of ours to achieve this year! 

Why should people come to Progression Session?

Dancers should come to Progression Session because we provide a safe space for up and coming dancers who want to grow and gain status in the scene. Progression session is all about being inclusive and we aim to help the battle culture grow in a friendly but competitive environment. We offer help from industry professionals who attend the battles and special guests who are always there to give feedback to all. We have grown from strength to strength and this year is set to be our best yet !!

What genre of dance can come down? Is it groups or individuals?

The styles that tend to see at our events are Hip-Hop, Popping, Locking, Breaking, House and Krump. These styles are generally what you would see at battles across the world so we aim to offer this at every event. In the spirit of Progression, we would love that people choose a style that they are less comfortable with in order to progress and learn in other styles. Of course, the dancers who choose their preferred style still learn and continue to progress in new ways, but this a chance for them to try new styles whilst in the friendly battle environment.

What to expect on the night?

What all dancers can expect on the night is a competitive but friendly battle environment with the ethos of  ‘Progression Not Perfection’. Everyone that comes to our events knows the mentality and inclusiveness of the event and dancers not only enjoy the battle but enjoy meeting new faces in the battle world, and for some this is completely new way of dance for them. From having amazing DJ’s to incredible special guests, the night is always a success and the more people that come, the better each event will be whilst growing the culture for the UK.

Why did you choose to bring the battle to Wembley Park?

Because it is where all the action is at! There is so much culture and diversity in Wembley Park and Brent and we really wanted to hit the talent pool in North West London to see what they have here, and we couldn’t think of a better place than The Yellow to have the event.

Head to Progression Session on Saturday 26th January 2019 at The Yellow | £5 entry. Click here for tickets.

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