Top 6 things you need to know about the Royal Opera House and Romeo & Juliet – and why you need to go!

Romeo And Juliet Royal Opera House Wembley Park

We’re adding a little bit of drama to Wembley Park this summer as official partners with the Royal Opera House BP Screens.

As part of our FREE outdoor summer screenings (yes free!), we’re going to broadcasting some of the world’s most famous and most sensational productions live from the Royal Opera House, including Kenneth MacMillan’s 20th-century ballet masterpiece of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Everyone’s favourite love-story-gone wrong, the tale of the two-star crossed lovers will be bringing BOXPARK WEMBLEY to life on 11 June. So to get you even more excited, we have the top six things you need to know about the ballet masterpiece and why you have to come!

1. There was 40-minutes of applause on its first night.

That’s right, 40 minutes. When the ballet debuted in 1965 at the Royal Opera House, spectators were so overwhelmed by the magnificent production they applauded for 40 whole minutes. There was even a grand total of 43 curtain calls. They eventually had to drop the safety curtain so people would actually leave – I think that speaks for itself!

2. MacMillan’s choreography isn’t your regular choreography.

Tired of seeing fairy-tale ballet productions, MacMillan was determined to make this as raw and as real as he possibly could – and he succeeded. A completely alien concept at the time, MacMillian’s moves are far edgier than what you would expect from a ballet. His work is still praised to this day on captivating and emotive the performance is, famous for how authentic the chemistry is between characters.

3. It’s easily one of the most romantic ballets of all time.

Calling all romantics. Forget Rachel getting off the plane or that kiss in the rain from The Notebook. Don’t even think about the spaghetti smooch in Lady and the Tramp. Romeo and Juliet trump that all in the romance department. Ultimately doomed, yes, but still incredibly heart-wrenchingly romantic. It’s so fantastically passionate that TWO of the scenes from the ballet are world famous for how tender and moving they are – we’ll let you figure it out for yourself.

4. It’s your chance to experience something completely different.

The ROH screenings aren’t just for enthusiasts. No, no. The productions capture the heart of everyone, transporting you into their world. This is the perfect opportunity to experience something you might never of before. And what better way to dip your toe in the water than with one of the most world famous, globally loved productions that is Romeo and Juliet. This is your chance to immerse yourself in culture and arts – and step away from Love Island!

5. The pre-show entertainment is incredible.

Seriously, we’ve gone all out. To set the scene before the performance we have a beautiful recital from Valeria Kurbatova, a multi-award-winning harpist, and violinist Emma Purslow. Valeria is a resident at London Philharmonic Orchestra and is principal harpist in the London Electronic Orchestra, and Emma leads all the major Royal College of Music ensembles, including the RCM Symphony Orchestra. They’re a big, BIG deal.

6. It’s completely, totally and utterly FREE.

Do I need to say more? The screenings will not cost you a penny, a single penny. Whether you are a newbie, a veteran or just fancy doing something fun after work, this screen is absolutely free to attend, free to watch and free to enjoy. What more could you want?

So if you’re looking for a completely unique experience, come over to Wembley Park and immerse yourself in one of the most famous love tragedies of all time. Head on over to our Facebook event for all the final details and to register your interest! Due to the weather looking rather…wet… we’ve moved this screening from Arena Square to Boxpark to keep you all toasty and warm!

And check out our jam-packed summer programme on our website – with hours of free entertainment, mouthwatering food, unbeatable shopping and world-renowned acts, Wembley Park is THE place to be this summer.

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