Thank You for Helping us Celebrate International Busking Day 2019

KT Tunstall on Stage International Busking Day 2019 Wembley Park

Fifty artists. Five stages. One INCREDIBLE day.

Thank you for helping us celebrate International Busking Day 2019 at Wembley Park.

After the roaring success of the world’s largest celebration of busking and street performance in previous years, we decided for 2019 we would make the festivities even bigger – and we’re glad we did.

Lords of Strut International Busking Day 2019 Wembley Park
Noisettes International Busking Day 2019 Wembley Park

Introducing more stages and more variety of acts allowed more buskers to showcase their insane talent, giving them a platform and opportunity to share their art with even more people than before. It allowed even more of you to witness skills and performances you might never have thought of, giving a glimpse into the stars of tomorrow.

The vibe was electric all day. It was fantastic to see all ages enjoying the festival and rallying around the artists. Every stage had a number of generations appreciating the performances. The energy of the day was exactly what busking should be about.

Busking is an ancient but important thing. Spanning all countries and all cultures, busking has moved far beyond people performing to beg for money. It’s now a form of art in its own right, with many huge names once starting as buskers. At Wembley Park, we are incredibly proud to support and facilitate such meaningful performances, and we are extremely grateful you helped us celebrate.

Witty Look International Busking Day 2019 Wembley Park

Along with all the amazing up and coming artists, we had special guests the Noisettes and an extraordinary headline appearance from the sensational KT Tunstall. Both artists had once started as buskers, so this festival meant a lot to them and just shows what benefit busking has for acts.

We hoped you enjoyed the day as much as we did. Wembley Park and Busk in London are certainly overwhelmed with the love and support each and every one of you had for the festival, and for the artists.

If you want to relive the day again and again, or unfortunately missed out on the big day, stay tuned to our website and social channels where we will have all the highlights coming your way.

See you next year!

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