The 54th annual Super Bowl is coming to Wembley Park!

Super Bowl at Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

The Super Bowl 54 is coming to Boxpark Wembley this Sunday 2 February – and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Screening from 9PM on Sunday 2nd February till 4AM on Monday 3rd February, the 50th modern-era NFL championship game will be played on Boxpark Wembley’s big screen so you can catch all the action, all night. From the pre-game chatter to the whole entire game. Live.

Of course, this also means a they’ll be live screening the highly-anticipated half time show. And who is performing this year I hear you ask? Well none other than J-Lo AND Shakira. Yes. J-Lo AND Shakira.

But they’re not just playing the big game. No, no. They also have live entertainment to get the energy pumping and, you’ll be able to purchase food and drink all night from their incredible street food vendors. This includes Drums & Flats, Smokey Boys and many more.

Tickets cost £10 and include one free house drink (ka-ching).

You can get your tickets here.

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