Unmissable dishes to try this summer at Boxpark Wembley

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Fed up with poor lunches and sad sandwiches? But not quite prepared to splash out on food every day? Well Boxpark Wembley might just be the answer!

With HUGE amounts of wallet-friendly street food on offer, Boxpark Wembley means you can grab delicious meals for a more digestible price. 

Offering everything from your morning fix of porridge and coffee to burgers, pizza and sushi, it’s the perfect place to grab some high-quality, well priced food – and it won’t leave you eating 9p noodles for the rest of the week! 

With over 20 street food stalls to pick from, we’ve made it a little easier for you and picked out some of the unmissable dishes on offer at Boxpark Wembley. Guaranteed to satisfy even the most spoiled foodies.

The Athenian Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

Grilled ground lamb & beef souvlaki (The Athenian)

The Athenian is a perfect spot to satisfy your Mediterranean food cravings. Only downside: try their grilled ground lamb & beef souvlaki once and you’ll keep coming back here again and again.

Made with fresh handmade pita, salads, homemade dips and oregano fries, this wrap is seriously amazing!

Ugly Dumpling Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

Aromatic duck dumplings (Ugly Dumpling)

These pan-fried dumplings are the go to comfort food.

Popular with Boxpark Wembley goers, Ugly Dumpling offers a big variety of fillings in their mouthwatering dumpings. 

Duck is our favourite, but we recommend trying them all!

Udderlicious Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

Chocolate and pistachio ice cream (Udderlicious)

We know, we know… you’d happily have a scoop of ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you could.

It’s totally worth coming to Boxpark Wembley just to drop by Udderlicious.

Their heavenly delicious artisan ice cream with toppings galore (we’re talking sauces, sprinkles, brownies and marshmallows) is simply to die for.

Superfruit smoothie (Boki Coffee)

Summer is once again upon us. If you’re feeling a little thirsty, join the health-conscious at Boki Coffee for this incredible superfruit smoothie.

No matter if you’re dedicated to getting your five-a-day or just need something to cool you down, they’ve got just what you need.

Longboys Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

Sticky toffee, date and pecan longboy (Longboys)

Your sweet tooth controlling your life?

Head to Longboys for their signature finger doughnuts from their award-winning pastry chefs.

Our personal fav is the sticky toffee, date & pecan longboy (it’s seriously sticky). Truly a decadent treat that is both beautiful and delicious (and if we haven’t mentioned, sticky)!

Oatopia Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

Sweet dreams porridge (Oatopia)

Oatopia offers fresh and wholesome food, one bowl at a time.

Their warming, hearty porridge might easily become part of your usual morning routine.

Made with Nutella and generously topped with strawberries, it got its name for good reason

Zia Lucia Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

Pizza Arianna (Zia Lucia)

The Arianna from Zia Lucia is hands down the most delicious pizza in Wembley Park.

Made with their signature dough, topped with creamy mozzarella, fresh Italian sausage, taleggio goat cheese, pecorino cheese, and truffle honey, the queue-generating pizza is even better than it sounds.

Thali Platter (Spice Shack)

Spice Shack puts a contemporary twist on traditional Indian street food – all visit serving that home cooked vibe.

We recommend their famous Thali platter with rice, daal, naan, crispy bhajia, salad and spices.

A must visit if you are looking for a more flavorsome lunch spot.

Cut and Grind Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

Classic burger (Cut + Grind)

The Classic from Cut and Grind has been named the best burger in the UK at the National Burger Awards 2018. If that’s not enough to lure you to this eatery, we don’t know what is!

Fine crust with incredibly soft and juicy meat, topped with crispy salads — they’ve figured it all out.

Wolf Boxpark Wembley Wembley Park

Italian Pork Meatballs Piada (Wolf)

Wolf is a truly exciting culinary experience for everyone.

Their Italian Pork Meatballs Piada is a thin, hand-rolled Italian wrap, baked on a stone grill and packed with hearty meatballs, toppings and sauces. All home made on site of course.

Enjoy a little piece of Italy right here, right now.

But don’t just take out word for it, make sure you visit Boxpark Wembley and try out all these delicious dishes for yourself.

And hey, if none of these get those taste buds watering, there is definitely something else for you!

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