Well done to Wembley Park’s survivors!

Wembley Park was turned in to a high-voltage, non-stop, energy-packed urban obstacle course last month as the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Rat Race saw thousands of people pushing their physical and mental endurance skills to the max. Participants set off with a five-kilometre sprint around the Stadium, which may sound like a gentle warm up… except it somehow managed to include a short detour through a river and a pitch-black tunnel! Participants then came face to face with a mind-bending maze of plunge pools, rigging nets and scaffolding frames. The Drunken Monkey was a gruelling set of monkeybars made from upside-down beer kegs; definitely not for the faint hearted. The Parkour area saw competitors hoisting themselves over high walls and jumping down from scaffolding before plunging onto an insane water slide.

Here is what some of the Wembley Park locals had to say about the event:

The Men’s Health and Fitness Survival of the Fittest was a fun and challenging event. There was a lot of teamwork and it was good to see people help each other get over the obstacles. It is great to see Wembley Park transformed into a huge adult adventure playground. A well organised and fun event, challenging but fun first obstacle race for me and I doubt it will be the last. I am proud of the men and women in my team that made it around, under, over and through the many obstacles.” Rey Smart, who led the Wembley Park team.

I found it to be a great, fun and tough challenge, especially doing it with a group and working as a team. If others are interested, and up for an obstacle type run then I would definitely recommend doing this race.” Andrew Raj, Wembley Park runner.

This is a round up of the images we loved best. Well done to everyone who took part. #areyouasurvivor