Wembley Park best known as the home of football has a new crown – as the UK’s broadband capital

A community of 475 homes is now equipped to get upload and download speeds of up to 1gbs – making digital communication, downloading web pages and HD films almost instantaneous.

It makes the new homes at Wembley Park the fastest domestically connected area in the UK.

A recent uSwitch survey put the fastest street for broadband at 70mbs in Cannock Staffordshire, more than 10 times slower.

But more than 500 homes in Wembley can already receive 100mb up and download speeds and it is now also available wirelessly to businesses as far away as Park Royal.

It positions Wembley Park uniquely to become a location for hi tech businesses and financial companies dealing in large volumes of data – as well as making it an attractive option for homemakers.

Wembley Park, for years a neglected landscape around the National stadium and the concert arena, is being transformed into one of London’s most attractive locations.

Tech companies and start-ups are now moving to the area to take advantage of the fast broadband and cheaper rents.

Ben Fillmore, MD of E-House a tech-driven property company, said: “Here we can have a 100mb dedicated line, with the same upload and download speed, it’s enabled us to change our IT infrastructure to maximise new technology – including working in the cloud – which means we can really lead the market. We moved to Wembley Park quite recently and our staff love the community feel and facilities available here so it’s been a very positive move for us.”

Wembley Park resident Carrie Webster said: “Moving into a flat with broadband already wired in was great. This kind of speed is brilliant as well. I can stream films and surf the net at the same time and never worry about the connection dropping out.”

Phillip Clapperton, of Velocity 1 which is providing the dedicated high speed broadband to the area, said: “It’s ideal for tech companies to be based here, but there is also an incredible benefit domestically.

“How many homes in the UK can get 1gb broadband? At Wembley Park 475 homes are currently being sold and all of them will have access to 1gb broadband.”

The cabling for the superfast connections is laid as part of the infrastructure of the construction of 5,000 homes at Wembley Park, built in as a basic utility like, water, electricity or gas.

Homeowners logging on in the house will maintain their connection throughout the Wembley Park area, which includes campus-style zones, parks and the London Designer Outlet centre.

The speedy connections mean that it is possible for major events at the SSE Arena to be live-streamed to millions of people.

The venue has two 10gbs connections and last year more than 14-15 million viewers streamed the Riot Games League of Legends event at the Arena.

It also has a unique fibre optic ring, which was used for the X-Factor finals and allows high speed connections throughout the 12,500 capacity building.

James Saunders, Chief Operating Officer of Quintain, the developer behind the regeneration of Wembley Park said: “From the outset we built a world-class fibre optic network into the infrastructure at Wembley Park. It’s fast becoming an essential utility for a wide range of businesses and residents. It powers high speed office internet, free wifi across the site, broadband for our growing student population and even connectivity for mass online gaming events at the SSE Arena.”

Velocity 1’s UK HQ is at Wembley Park meaning its engineers can be on site in as little as 30 minutes if there’s a problem.

The nearest speedy rivals to Wembley Park are a street in Staffordshire, a road in Yardley, Birmingham, and one in Liverpool.

They all have download speeds averaging over 70mbs – considerably lower than the 100mbs at Wembley Park and serving much fewer homes and businesses.

So next time you visit London Designer Outlet or the SSE Arena remember you are in the UK’s broadband capital.