Wembley Park does Veganuary – our pick of the best vegan spots!

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Radical Burger

New year, new decade, new habits – right?

January has come around once again, and the cheeseboard, chardonnay overload from the past few weeks has definitely hit us all. Whilst we’re all promising ourselves to get back on the healthy eating and stop living in a chocolate-dreamland, it doesn’t mean living off boring salads and smoothies.

The rising popularity of Veganism means a healthy plant-based diet has never been so delicious. And with record numbers of people vowing to participate in Veganuary to kick start a new habit, the menus just keep getting better.

To celebrate Veganuary and meat-free lifestyles, we’ve rounded up the 10 best places to grab some vegan grub in Wembley Park.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Radical Burger

Radical Burger

Boxpark newbies Radical Burger promise one thing – delicious burgers with a clean conscious. Yes their burgers and bowls menu is 95% Vegan and 100% veggie, so you can indulge without the guilt. We recommened their Beet and Bean burger. A cannellini bean, beetroot and carrot patty with vegan cheese, beetroot jam and rocket salad, topped with lots of crispy onions and encased in a beetroot bun.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Zia Lucia

Zia Lucia

Vegan pizza has never been so good. No seriously. Zia Lucia’s La Vegana pizza will make even the most tenacious meat eaters go veggie. Butternut squash cream base topped with fresh tomatoes, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes is the creamiest of cheese alternatives around. Try is on their famous Vegetable Charcoal base for even more umpf.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Pasta Remoli

Pasta Remoli

If you thought going Vegan meant missing out on some of your fav dishes, you’re wrong! Pasta Remoli’s DIY pasta menu not only has a truly delicious range of vegan sauces, it also has egg-free pasta and vegan gnocchi to get stuck into. For something with a kick try their Spicy Arrabbiata sauce or go simple but tasty with their Aojo olo e Peperoncino. Buon appetito!

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Wagamama


After introducing their vegan menu a few years back, Wagamama has cemented their place as having some of the yummiest meat-free dishes around. With menu classics and new dishes, you really won’t be compromising on taste. Their tofu Yasai Niko Curry will warm you right through this January with creamy coconut and spicy turmeric flavours. If you still looking for something extra, you’ll love their vegetable tempura.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Ugly Dumpling

Ugly Dumpling

With Ugly Dumpling’s £7.50 weekday deal, mid-week vegan treats have never been so delicious. For £7.50 you can get five dumplings AND their signature ugly noodles with seasonal veg. The spinach and tofu dumplings pack the perfect (vegan) punch, whilst their slightly spiced rice noodles and heaps of veggies are equally as tasty.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Prezzo


Nothing beats pizza. Fact. And going vegan might make you think that pizza is off the table but you couldn’t be more wrong. High street fav Prezzo are stepping up the game with their new Garlic Mushroom pizza. The cheeseless dough is covered (and we mean covered) in garlic oil and pizza sauce, and heaped with spinach, black olives, avocado, rocket and lots and lots of mushrooms.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Yamagoya


Authentic, mouthwatering AND vegan. Ramen specialists Yamagoya in Boxpark Wembley are all about taste and variety. With a menu full of plant-based choices and vegan sides, you’re guaranteed a soul warming dish to get you through these cold January days. Try the Tofu Miso Ramen for spicy broth based dish or their Kakiage Curry Rice for fragrant dish.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Nando's


When you think Nando’s you probably think chicken but their menu is packed with veggie dishes with the same tongue-tingling flavour. Whether you fancy a burger, pitta or wrap, you can pick from two scrumptious vegan fillings (just remember to ask for no mayo!). We personally love their Sweet Potato and Butternut filling that’s packed with edamame beans, red pepper, onions and paprika. And to dunk those chips, make sure you check out their brand new all-vegan Perinaise.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Handmade Burger Co

Handmade Burger Co

Did you know that Handmade Burger Co have FOUR (yes four!) vegan burger options? Famous for their delicious stacks, the well-loved burger joint have a scrumptious range of all leaf, no beef patties AND the option for vegan style cheddar! Our fav is the Santa Fe – falafel patty covered with crushed avocado and Mexican salsa, topped with jalapenos, lettuce and lots of red onions. You can even double up for an extra £3.

Veganuary in Wembley Park, Longboys


If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth you simply have to head to Longboys to try their Coconut Chocolate Longboy. The entirely vegan doughnut will make feel like you’ve been whisked away to a tropical island with it’s creamy coconut custard, coating of all-vegan chocolate and crunchy coconut crumble. Sounds indulgent, right?

Don’t forget to check out the other 50+ restaurants and eateries in Wembley Park all serving up delicious vegan dishes here.

Since 2014, Veganuary  Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported more than half a million people to try vegan for January – and beyond. Find out more about it here.

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