Wembley Park Market is Open for Business

The brand new Wembley Park Market is officially OPEN.

And it has everything from lifestyle brands to fashion pieces. Delicious food to incredible arts. Oh, and of course the odd wellness brand!

Inspired by the area’s market trade heritage, Wembley Park Market brings together world–class independent brands to offer unique products and a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

But it’s far more than just this. They’ve brought together some of the finest brands and businesses, established ventures and new start-ups, to combine shopping, community and, of course, people.

So what makes each of the fabulous news merchants special? Well, we can tell you what!


Fancy a zero waste life? Well us to! First time marketers, Patoka, are bringing their eco-friendly philosophy to Wembley Park. The BYO-Containers brand allows you to fill up your old reusable goods and fill them with some incredible products. Better yet, you only pay for what you actually need!

Tea, coffee, toiletries, oil, EVERYTHING they sell helps you reduce that pesky plastic footprint. Small steps create big waves after all.


Inspired by nature, travel and memory, the home fragrance brand Lagom focuses on artisanal natural scented candles and wax melts. From the Swedish word meaning “not too much, not too little, just enough”, Lagom carefully curates their fragrances from essential and natural oils.

The eco-friendly candles are made from 100% soy wax for their clean burn. Their good balance promise to you is eco-friendly, ethically sources, natural candles with thoughtful design, all so you can breathe better and find balance no matter where you are.


Feel good, look good, live good. That’s the motto at London Beard Co. Looking after your furry face friends, London Beard Co caters to all beards whether you’re a full-fledged beardsman, or just started growing some new-found fuzz. 

They want everyman to take pride in his appearance so they offer the best services and sell only the finest of grooming products to maintain your chin-mane! 

But they don’t stop at beards. The professional groomers are also fully trained (and fully amazing) barbers. Treat you hair to one of their trims, you won’t regret it.


Close your eyes and think of your dream cake. It can be as wild as you want. Impossible to create, right? WRONG! CherryDCakes, the currently home run business by two North West London sisters, specialises in making that perfect cake.

Made to order and as bespoke as you could possibly think, CherryDCakes mission is to sweeten your day and make your cake dreams come true. And trust us, they do NOT sacrifice on flavour.


Nothing beats an amazing bouquet of stunning flowers. And nothing beats a bouquet from Blooming Fleur. Their creative and elegant approach to floristry results in some spectacular bouquets for every occasion.

Whether you are planning your big day or just want to treat someone special, Blooming Fleur is the best pick of the bunch (pun intended).


Already a well-established brand of artisan markets, Duck Pond are bringing their local, ethical and sustainable merchants to Wembley Park Market.

Selling a range of eco-friendly goods, Duck Pond’s vibrant marketplace for independent businesses combines the magic of a festival with interesting stalls from crafts to homewares, jewellery to arts. As part of their ethos they ensure nothing is mass produced – it’s all made with love!

A local market isn’t just where you go shopping. It’s the fabric of the community. And Wembley Park Market is creating a community of independent and established merchant, makers and doers.

With the fully flexible space, there is always room for more exciting businesses to join the family, bringing new good and products! Pop on over to Wembley Park Market, say hello to all the wonderful traders and treat yourself to some sustainable and unique goods.

To find out more about Wembley Park Market, visit their website here.

Wembley Park Market is open Tuesday to Saturday 11AM to 7PM and Sunday’s 11AM to 5PM. You can find the fabulous merchants at 27-29 Olympic Way, Wembley HA9 0FR, right next to the stadium.

We’ll see you there!

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