Oh Happy Days! 5 reasons why you MUST be at the Sister Act sing-a-long

sister act movie night at wembley park

That’s right. Not only are we showing Sister Act – we’re hosting a whole sing-a-long. A sing-a-long with a real life choir. Get those Hallelujahs ready!

Everyone’s favourite mobster-girlfriend-turned-nun 90’s classic will be screened for FREE in Arena Square on 20th June. And if THAT hasn’t convinced you enough, we’ve got the top five reasons why you just can’t miss this.

1. Sister Mary Clarence is a real person!

Ok, is kind of a real person. The sensational Deloris as Sister Mary Clarence was inspired by a real life Hollywood starlet turned nun. Mother Dolores Hart was once a superstar in the rising, even starring alongside the one and only Elvis Presley. At just 24, Hart quickly left the industry and devoted herself to the church instead. Screenwriter Paul Rudnick visited Regina Laudis Abbey as part of his research – and to meet Hart herself!

2. This is far more than just a screening.

This is a sing-a-long extravaganza. Instead of awkwardly humming along to these classic anthems, muttering the words under your breath, we want you to belt them out as loud as you can. This is your chance *to be part* of Saint Katherine’s Parish choir and bask in that national fame glory. Nun’s habits are not required.

3. Gospeloke are insane.

Seriously insane. Gospeloke, a ten person choir with some seriously strong vocals, will be helping you out with those hymns, singing alongside you and giving some incredible pre-show entertainment. But don’t think these are your usual choir. No, no. These entertaining musicians will be help bring out your hidden diva… and your hidden secrets. Check them out here!

4. We’ve got you TWO warm up acts.

To give you that FULL headliner at Wembley feeling, we’ve got two pre-show acts to help set the scene. Gospeloke will be joined by a fantastic Motown DJ from 7PM. They’ll help you warm up those vocals and get the crowds excited.

5. It’s completely FREE!

That’s right. This will cost you nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. A free screening, killer entertainment and a chance to be part of the movie all for free. How can you say no to that?

So come on over to Wembley Park as it transforms in Saint Katherine’s Parish. Be part of one of the most loved movies of all time. Do Whoopi proud and help belt out those classic to claim national fame.

The screening is held at Arena Square with pre-show entertainment starts at 7PM with the movie starting at 7.30PM. To find out more information, visit out Facebook event here or simply register your interest below!

And check out our jam-packed summer programme on our website – with hours of free entertainment, mouthwatering food, unbeatable shopping and world-renowned acts, Wembley Park is THE place to be this summer.

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