The Works Right Centre in Wembley Park

The Work rights Centre in Wembley Park


The Works Right Centre (WRC) is one of the beneficiaries from last years  Wembley Park Community Fund. The centre was set up in June 2016 to end in-work poverty. Every week an employment rights clinic is held in Wembley Library to provide free and confidential advice to UK and EU nationals who experience poorly paid, unprotected, and insecure employment. As many as 68% of the service users who reported to WRC had not received written terms of the agreement, and nearly a third (30%) worked without receiving payslips or sending invoices.

The multi-lingual team provide free and confidential assistance to all UK and EU nationals who experience a form of work exploitation, or who wish to better their employability prospects. With 41% of their clients residing in Brent, they have assisted their users with a range of employability factors such as creating a CV and cover letter, computer literacy and conducting active job searches. The clinic helps people fully understand their employment status, access their employment rights and improve their employability.

The impact so far

With funding from the London Community Foundation, WRC can now extend their service provision hours, recruit an assistant, and crucially cover the costs of a dedicated fundraising officer.

This extra resource has resulted in the clinic being able to see and solve more complex cases, and to date, the charity has reached over two hundred people. The addition of a Fundraising Officer has been instrumental in ensuring the sustainability of the charity and the additional grant applications submitted since the introduction of this role have added another 10.6k to the charity budget.


Case Studies

Daniel attended a clinic session at The Work Rights Centre for assistance in retrieving unpaid holiday pay. The Centre contacted his employer to challenge the lack of payment and get a P45. After some time of changing Daniel was paid for the leave and received his P45 which he was able to present to his new employer so that the correct tax code could be applied.

Thank you for your help. I do not know how otherwise I would have recovered my holiday pay without WoRC.”
– Daniel, London

Мila contacted the centre as she was concerned about her husband who has been in the UK for less than two months. He required English lessons to improve his speaking skills increase his chances of securing work. The WoRC supplied them with a range of free ESOL classes and explained the steps needed to find lawful and secure employment in the UK. This including strategies for searching and applying for a job, education around the different employment statuses of workers in the UK, and the types of employment contracts.

You give me the incentive and the courage to overcome the difficulties here in the UK.”
– Mila, London