Parkour Classes in Wembley Park



Ages 7-15:  4-5:30PM 
Ages 16+  5:30- 7PM




Have you ever wanted to learn to run and move like those actors in action movies? We have all seen them jumping from building to building with ease and dropping and rolling from rooftops! Parkour is now recognised globally as the fastest growing ‘free-sport’ in the world and is the most uploaded type of sports video on the internet. 

Well, now you can, thanks to new FREE Parkour classes at The Yellow. 

These three-hour classes will be aimed at adults and children and will teach the basic discipline and movements of this globally renowned sport.  Children’s sessions will take place every Wednesday, and last 1.15 hours, followed by adult classes, which will last 90 minutes. Equipment will be specially brought in and designed for the new Yellow, and available to all, free of charge.

So, why not join in and become a part of this GLOBAL movement?


Le Parkour, though generally perceived as being invented by a handful of French founders in the 1980s, is actually a practice that precedes records. It has drawn on a myriad of sources, been inspired by a number of notable individuals and evolved through several traditions to arrive at the modern discipline now referred to as parkour or ‘l’art du deplacement’, also known as ‘free-running’ in English.

Though very much an underground and hidden movement in its early years, in the late 1990’s parkour began to catch the eye of media and advertising groups, as well as news broadcasters in Europe. Then in 2002/3 the discipline was catapulted into the limelight by such high profile exposure as the UK’s Channel 4 documentary Jump London, which starred Parkour Generations’ Team Members coming from France to move across the iconic landmarks of London, and Luc Besson’s movies District 13, Yamakasi, Les Fils Du Vent, followed by blockbusters such as Casino Royale, Babylon A.D., Tracers and others which starred several of the founders of the art who now make up the European Headquarters of Parkour Generations in London.


Parkour is now seen as an art form, a training method, and a visual spectacle reaches across all strata of society, from extreme sports lovers to fitness enthusiasts, from artists to architects, and to young, old, male and female alike. All of us have a natural sense of parkour when young, moving as we please, with no boundaries and beyond convention.


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Wembley Park is easy to reach from central London with three tube lines and an overland line. The Jubilee Line offers access to Bond Street in 19 minutes from Wembley Park Station. The Metropolitan Line has fewer stops to reach Wembley Park Station, and many people swap onto it at Baker Street or Finchley Road. The journey time from Baker Street to Wembley Park Station is 12 minutes. The Bakerloo Underground Line is accessed from Wembley Central Station, offering access to Paddington, Charing Cross and Waterloo. The London Overground Line also runs from Wembley Central Station and gets you to Clapham Junction in 22 minutes.



Wembley Park has over 3,000 secure car parking spaces. Wembley Park’s official marshalled car parks are all close to Wembley Park’s iconic venues. The nearest car park to the SSE Arena Wembley is the Gold Car park

map of the corner wembley park


 Boxpark Wembley will be opening in late 2018 and will be the biggest Boxpark in London to date. Find out more 

Opening in 2018 Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre  will bring a range of shows plus a great bar and social space. 

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