“As a child, writing was instrumental and uplifting for me, but being a library kid subconsciously inspired me to write.”

“I’ve lived in Brent most of my life, around Wembley, and as a child, my Saturday afternoons were spent at the old Brent Town Hall library. This is where writing became instrumental and uplifting for me, and being a library kid subconsciously inspired me to write and I have penned a book called Fly Girl. It’s a travel memoir about untold airline stories, adventures across diverse cultures and countries and a woman on a mission. Readers can expect to be entertained and motivated to travel the world and follow their dreams.”

I have really fond memories of Wembley Park and my best job as a teenager was working at the stadium and arena. This is where I got to see the legends Prince and Madonna in concert. These are some of my most nostalgic memories of the area, as well as stopping off and seeing my dad, who worked a lifetime at Wembley Park. Apart from the events and entertainment, Wembley Park is where I see my friends. It’s home.

The community here has also inspired my other hobbies and interests. I love creative transformations in people, places and projects, especially in people who have met their goals. So I set up Fly Girls, which offers fitness activities for women and girls. It brings the community together for dance and box fit sessions and we run together on the weekends, sometimes running around the stadium – it’s a great workout and a fun social experience.

I would sum myself up as calm, creative and convivial and if I could have dinner with anyone it would be Richard Branson. It would be really interesting to listen to him tell his story about how he started to test trade in Wembley before working his way up to becoming a global iconic high-flying entrepreneur.

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