Andy is a life-long Wembley resident and leads a free running group for adults called ‘Run with Andy’. His motto is 'make running a lifestyle'

It was actually being accepted onto the ballot for the London Marathon that got me into running – I guess you could say I threw myself in at the deep end!


I had been inspired by a friend who took part in 2013, and seeing the hard work and determination he put into it made me want to take on the challenge.


After finishing the race, I really got the bug. I started signing up for 5k’s, 10k’s and half marathons – all to help improve my confidence and technique. It was also a brilliant stress reliever, helping to keep my mind at rest and my body in shape.


Since running became a big part of my life, friends and neighbours kept asking me to help them get started. I recently completed a Leadership in Running Fitness Course, and have become a UKA Run Leader. I have since started my local running group ‘Run with Andy’ where sessions take place twice a week from One Tree Hill Park. My aim is not only to get people active, but to help make running enjoyable and rewarding.

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