We first moved our business to Wembley Park about eighteen months ago.


We first moved our business to Wembley Park about 18 months ago. It’s great to work in such a unique space and we have great views over London from the balcony. Someone said you can see parts of Essex but I’m not sure if I believe that!

When we found the space we discovered there was a student block down the road, and now we employ about 20 of those students. Most of them are doing creative degrees and it gives them some really hands-on experience which they can fit round their studies. Some of the first students we hired are still with us today. It’s enabled us to change our business radically, and offer a more efficient, higher-quality service for our clients.

We’ve pretty much made our way round all the restaurants in the area, and if the weather’s good we’ll get some beers at the Sky Bar at the Hilton. Watching all the development happen around us and knowing it’s all changing is really exciting.

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