“I have gone from being a fitness novice to someone who is determined to reach the ultimate goal and vision I set for myself at the outset.”

In 2016 I made a personal decision to turn my life around and become as healthy and fit as I possibly could. I needed to improve my fitness level and found the inspiration that I needed right on my doorstep. I first joined the Monday Circuit Training session at the Yellow and then I joined two community running groups; Run Wembley and the Fly Girls Sunday morning run. I was never a keen runner, but since joining these groups I feel ‘free as a bird’ when I run around Wembley Park.

I have been living in Wembley Park for the last 10 years and I feel incredibly privileged to have seen the transformation that has happened in the area and the opportunities the regeneration has created for people living and working here. The sporting and entertainment venues together with the fitness opportunities are amazing and it’s great to be part of such a close knit community.

I have learned that nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough; you just need to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve, have a positive attitude, determination and look to see the inspiration that is in all the people and the neighbourhood around you.

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