Growing up 
around here I got 
up to all sorts.


Growing up around here I got up to all sorts. When I was a kid we used to go watch the Wembley Lions ice-hockey team play at the Arena on a Saturday. Of course it was the Empire Pool back then. They would keep the ice down and we could go along and ice skate on the Sunday. It was a great place to try and chat up the girls – we tried to go as much as possible.

Olympic Way is fabulous now but back then it was a gravelly, old, chewed-up bit of road. In ’69 I built myself a car with my dad – a proper Italian Job mini-van. I was desperate to drive it but I wasn’t old enough. I managed to persuade him to take me down there so I could test it out. If I’d kept that car it would probably be worth a fortune now.

I’ve worked my entire life in the Wembley Park area. My first job was with a local company that had been set up when the Stadium first opened in 1923. I’m still in the signage business now.

Working and living in Wembley, you can’t help but end up loving the place – it just gets into your blood.

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