Mick Berry

Mick is a Wembley resident and skating enthusiast. He says that the feeling of rolling through the streets for miles inspires him.

I have always loved skating and used to roller skate lots as a teenager and even did a bit of ice skating over the years. I started roller skating again about three years ago and hopefully won’t stop this time, it’s not time for me to hang up my boots just yet!

The great thing about skating is that you get to meet so many interesting people and Wembley Park is the perfect place for this. I head to Fix8 Roller Disco on Tuesday evenings which is located on the other side of Wembley Stadium. I also skate with my daughters which is brilliant as it allows us to spend quality time together – being able to skate with them in one of the best things that has come out of my love of skating.

Wembley Park has changed so much and I’m sure most people who come here for the first time would describe it as amazing.

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