Tobin is a sound engineer and producer working out of his studio, The Park Studios in Wembley Park.

Music has always been the main constant in my life. Then, when I realised how you could use equipment to sculpt sounds and create textures in music I really fell in love with the production side of things – it’s the key to enhancing the emotion in a piece.

I’ve been working in Wembley Park for about six or seven years. I used to be the manager here at Park Studios, but about a year and a half ago I became the owner and now run things completely.

I work with artists from all genres, but really enjoy working in experimental music because I get to really push the boundaries of music and sound.

I just love being around creative people – if someone is trying to do something different and original, it instantly excites me.

I’ve seen so much change in the last six or seven years. Most excitingly, there are loads of younger and more creative people moving into the area. Not only does Wembley have its own music heritage, but it’s close to Kilburn and Willesden, where a lot of exciting stuff is happening at the moment.

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