My motto in dance and life is “passion first, technique second”

Anton volunteers and dances at the Yellow Pavilion

I lived in Sri Lanka until I was 10, and then we moved to Germany because of my mum’s work as a diplomat. It was in Germany that I was first introduced to dance – I was given the opportunity to learn from Buddha Stretch, one of the pioneers of hip hop. At first, I was just learning about the history and basics, but then I started to find my own style.

It was when I moved to Wembley in 2006 that I started to teach people who had never danced before. In the next few years, I came to realise that dance was what I wanted to do, rather than just a hobby.

My motto in dance and life is “passion first, technique second”. It’s why I’m so excited about having a space such as the Yellow – people can come with their passion and practice their technique in a totally non-judgemental environment. That’s how you get better.”

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