Free guitar lessons at The Yellow

Free Guitar lessons at the Yellow Pavilion

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Jimmy Hendrix? Well now you can put the air guitar down and pick up the real thing thanks to Musicus CIC. Funded by the Wembley Park community fund, they will be offering free guitar lessons every Thursday at the Yellow Pavilion.  

The course will cater for adults and beginners and all guitars will be provided. Beginner children aged 7-18 will start from 4:30 pm, intermediate children from 5:20 pm and adult beginners from 6:10 pm. So if you are feeling plucky head down to the Yellow Pavilion, however before you do, here are some fun facts we bet you didn’t know about the guitar.


They are out of this world

A guitar pick used by “Nirvana”-Hero Kurt Cobain  made it to outer space and was carried to Mars aboard NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover “Spirit”

They have broken records

The largest electric guitar in the world is 13.26 meters long and weighs 1023 kilograms. It was built in 2001. Why? We just don’t know!


Take note...

They are old!

Guitars have been around for 3,000-4,000 years all over the world.  The first one was said to originate from Persia, however, they just didn’t gain major popularity until the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

They come from humble beginnings

The first electric guitar was made out of cast aluminium. The A-25 was first sold in 1932, and was called the “Frying Pan” because of the shape of its body.



Some clef-er stuff...

They are the popular kids in school

The guitar is the second most played instrument, after the “old ivories.” The piano has just pipped it to the post, taking the number one spot as the most played instrument in the world today.

 They have inspired nature

Did you know there is a guitar-shaped forest in Argentina? As a tribute to his deceased wife, a farmer planted 7,000 trees in 1979. Ironically, this man has never seen the shape of the forest himself due to his fear of flying.

Seriously sharp facts...

Air guitar is actually a thing!

For all you air guitar enthusiasts out there you are not alone. There are regularly air guitar competitions scheduled across 20 countries in the world! For instance in Finland, the US, Germany, Brazil, Australia and the UK to name a few.

Bling it on

The most valuable guitar ever made is the $2 million  ‘Eden of Coronet’ created by Aaron Shum in Hong Kong. It is covered in white gold and thousands of diamonds.