Through the Keyhole

Through the keyhole

Wembley Park is alive with activities and opportunities and between now and 2020 it is expected that a further £1 billion will be invested to develop around 1 million square feet of office and workspace and a further 6,000 homes. This would not be possible without the workers that we have onsite and now you can find out more about what they actually do to make this transformation possible.

Interview with Leon Brand, Senior Project Manager at McLaren

McLaren is one of the UK’s most successful privately owned construction companies, and is currently on site delivering W03, the plot of land adjacent to the national stadium and Arena Square.

Hired by Quintain, the developer behind the regeneration of Wembley Park, McLaren is responsible for the entire delivery of W03, which will consist of 340 homes and a variety of retail units on the ground floor.

Leon Brand, Senior Project Manager for W06, is also new to McLaren, and has worked for the company for two months. Like George, Leon has worked in the construction industry for many years, previously working at Mansells (now Balfour Beatty) for about 11 years. Prior


McLaren are currently on site at W06 performing the enabling works, and they recently unearthed an old basement which formed part of a music studio. According to Leon;

sustainability is really important to McLaren, so once we removed the concrete that formed the basement, we recycled it across site.

They are now two-thirds of the way through installing the piling platform, which will hold the piling rigs in place. Piling rigs are essentially enormous drills, that dig into the ground, remove the earth, then as the earth is removed fill the hole with concrete to form part of the foundations. The machines can be 90 tons in weight, so it is really important that the platform is in place properly in order to take the weight.

McLaren have an eight week window to get the piling complete, before they continue with construction on the rest of the plot. They are responsible for the entire delivery of W03, with final completion of the building by September 2019.

Although both Leon and George are new to working at Wembley, they both have their own memories of the site. Leon remembers first coming to the area years ago; “it’s amazing to now walk through the LDO and see how it’s all developing – it really is 100 times better.”

it’s amazing to now walk through the LDO and see how it’s all developing – it really is 100 times better.