Wembley Park Street Art Project

We’ve launched The Wembley Park Street Art Project with Mr Doodle!

The project run by Wembley Park, in partnership with Global Street Art, the organisation campaigning to create more opportunities for street artists from across the world was launched in August 2017.

The Wembley Park Street Art Project will last 12 months (July 2018) and will see different artists, local and from across the globe transform different areas across Wembley Park with creative designs and patterns.

To mark the start of the project, we have launched our first installation with world renowned street artist, Mr Doodle. The first installation, made up of Mr Doodle’s idiosyncratic characters has created a fun and unique blend of doodle pandemonium.http://mrdoodle.com/

The artwork itself has been created by hand and covers the area at the southern end of Olympic Way – transforming the area from a throughway to a public gallery for street art lovers.

The spectacular installation covers 7 pillars and 12 cinder blocks, making a total of nearly of 43 million sq inches of doodling!

The installation forms the first of a number of installations which will pop up around Wembley Park.


About Mr Doodle

It’s the doodle man himself… Mr Doodle!

A crazy doodler from England.

With a reputation for producing spectacular public artworks, Mr Doodle began his career in school, doodling in his sketchbooks and has now worked for organisations such as MTV, Sink Pong London, BoxPark and a range of charities, working on all surfaces from dining chairs and caravans to whole rooms.


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