Wembley Talks and Workshops

From Statley Home to Stadium

We have launched a range of free workshops and talks in Brent Library and the Yellow Pavilion for local people enjoy. The first in the series explored the history of Wembley Park through maps, pictures and artefax from Brent’s Museum and Archive. It took the audience on a journey from when Wembley Park use to be a stately home up to the building of the stadium.


The Transformation of Wembley Park

Following  on from this, Julian Tollast, the Head of Masterplanning and Design for Quintain, explained the evolution of Wembley Park from the 1990’s through the present day. He looked at some of the underlying principles to the Wembley Park masterplan and how those principles have been guiding the course of the development of the growing community in and around Wembley Park. Using an informal “round table format” guests got the opportunity to view maps and illustrations and ask questions about the further transformation of Wembley Park.


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